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About Jolie

Raising five crazy kids with the Hubby in SoCal and hoping to catch some of the zesty flavor of life through my writing career. Enjoy!

Goodbye Gotham City

From the parapet of the Credit Union Building, overlooking Gotham City, a lone figure stood silhouetted against a waning half moon. Tendrils of vapor rose from the skating rink, one city block to the west, casting halos around each dingy yellow street light. In the distance, a siren moved in the direction of the river. […]

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July. Again.

Good morning everyone. I’m doing a daring thing right now: blogging without an editor. Not even second-guessing. July is crazy. That’s my excuse. July rivals December in the ability to bring me this close to the edge, so here we go. Things you can depend upon in July: Ants. Have we said enough about them yet? […]

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5K On the Bay

There’s a brand new piece of bling in my jewelry box and my earrings are trying to make friends, but the string of pearls won’t even make eye contact. All silky ribbon and gilt-edged beauty, this little sparkler was coveted from afar, hard won, and brands me forever as a LEGEND. “Just try it,” said […]

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