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Olympics in the Bouncy Castle

Olympic athletes are showing the world what it takes to put on big girl panties and bring home the gold. They are excellent examples of dedication, determination, sportsmanship, and deception. Feel free to pull your inspiration where you find it. I sit in the LazyBoy with a fist full of nachos and I’m almost inspired […]

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Ghostwriter: a writer who authors books, manuscripts, blog posts, stories, texts, music, memoirs, political speeches, cookbooks, hip-hop lyrics, college term papers, wedding invitations, drug prescriptions, and generally anything at all – but will never get the credit for it – because you were hired by a big fat cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Who are these […]

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Bond Beneficiary

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can sprout up through the humus of old piles of stuff, and when it’s ripe, you pick it. My daughter, alone, found enough loose change under her bed to buy Christmas presents last year. My son finally cleaned up a teetering pile of paperwork stashed in a corner […]

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