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My Affair, Summed Up

There’s something you should know, and it’s time I just came out and said it. Last year, for a month, I had an affair with another man. It wasn’t something I went looking for and I never meant it to go as far as it did. He was kind, he was engaging, he was interested […]

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Anniversary Antics

This weekend, Hubby and I will celebrate out 28th wedding anniversary. Photos clearly show that we were twelve years old at the time. Arranged marriages are always a good idea. Hubby had recently had his braces removed. Mine went on the following year. Enough water has gone under the bridge in our relationship to establish […]

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Wedded Blitz

You can dance if you want to…we can leave your friends behind. Cuz your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance, then they’re no friends of mine… You can dance… The wedding has finally come, and about time, too. I’m not sleeping until I drop you a beat, er, blog, and hit the highlights […]

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