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Missouri in March

I had a moment – one sparkling sharp and pivotal – that made me stop, right there in the Walgreens parking lot, and just be. The afternoon air in Missouri is crisp in March. The morning snow had become reluctant flurries that melted on my cheek. It looked like someone was cleaning out a lint […]

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The Rain of Caesar

All hail to the chief. It’s been three weeks of rainy day recess and teachers are sneaking shots into their coffee mugs. The only creatures happy at this point are ducks and the Great Earthworm Migration coming through my kitchen, which is the only dry spot for miles. Our cul de sac has it’s own […]

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Emergency Exit

In the event of holiday airplane trips this season, please take the following notes: I’m sitting behind the row of seats that are attached to the safety exit over the wing. Smart fliers know this row has an extra pinch of leg room, so it’s a popular choice. But no one has to pass the […]

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