Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

The Nuts on my Family Tree

Over the years I’ve worked on our family tree project. Each fall, I bring out the boxes and try to add a little more to our story. A large paper tree is tacked up on the wall and it has names spreading out through generations. Although the names are on leaves, I can tell you […]

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Viva Las Vegas

You have to be careful at night in Las Vegas. The Strip is full of tourists wandering around looking at each other and the sights. Glittered pink stretch limousines and wailing ambulances drive by. Casino lights flash, music wanders from doorways, and they still let you smoke like a chimney anywhere you please. It’s entirely […]

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First Things First

My daughters went onto Facebook and played “Which Disney Princess Are You?” I can tell you which one I am immediately: Dory. Yes, the natural blue who didn’t recognize the sharks for what they were but had enough empathy, trust, and enthusiasm for the whole ocean.  You will notice how many times she should have […]

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