Daily Archives: December 19, 2014

I’m in Love With the Trash Man

This year at gift giving time, I want to sing for an unsung hero. A guy who is reliable, strong, smart, a good listener and drives a big truck. Like the sheriff, he cleans up this town and makes it safe to walk the sidewalks and enjoy the fresh air. He’s your neighborhood trash man. […]

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Play It Again, Yosemite Sam

When our 25th wedding anniversary rolled around, we were at our wits end as to how to celebrate it. We were six months into a new home that needed every last one of our pennies, two girls in college, two boys in school, and cars yet to purchase. A “stay-cation” seemed appropriate. But then we […]

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Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, CA

Sunset Cliffs… For years, I’ve live in San Diego, but only in the last 3 years did I begin visiting Sunset Cliffs.  Oh, I knew they existed.  I’ve heard about them in the news for years.  You see, the cliffs are a tourist draw and a draw for locals as well.  But they’re unstable.  Which […]

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