Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

Brawn Before Brains

So. My practically 25 year old son (I’m only counting because I read in National Geographic that my teenagers’ brains won’t fully develop until they are 25 and my held breath is getting thin) called last week and informed me that he “might be coming by” tomorrow. This was call for celebration, as he moved […]

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Fashion Police Part 2

I marched into a very swanky department store and found myself a Personal Stylist. She was glam. She was suave. She represented. She took a good long look at me and went to work. I lounged on a cushy sofa while she brought loads of adorable clothes and spread them out on racks. Some I […]

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The Smart Car

I have a smart-aleck car. It’s bad enough I have a smart phone that tries to out-think me. Which it occasionally does. But my ridiculous car just made a fool out of me. How do you take revenge on an inanimate object? You all heard the stories last year about our old faithful Suburban finally […]

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