Daily Archives: August 7, 2015

Legend of the Boom Boom Stick

Back when I was a kid, my sisters and I got into the usual amount of mischief. Well, as much mischief as you can get into considering we weren’t allowed to leave the yard. There was the time we decided, one end-of-July summer day, that all the tomatoes in the garden ought to be used […]

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I go to more than one place on a regular basis for the singular purpose of making myself more visible. I will get my nails done or my face steamed or my hairs cut. I sometimes buy the brightest scarf on the rack. This allows common pedestrians strolling down the street to notice me without […]

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Vietnam Ventures

An introduction to Vietnam submitted by one of our fabulous subscribers, Andrea Two years ago in December I had the amazing opportunity to go to Vietnam with one of my best friends. You could say that she’s a pretty experienced traveler in the region considering the fact that she spent the first eleven years of […]

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