Daily Archives: August 19, 2016

Olympics in the Bouncy Castle

Olympic athletes are showing the world what it takes to put on big girl panties and bring home the gold. They are excellent examples of dedication, determination, sportsmanship, and deception. Feel free to pull your inspiration where you find it. I sit in the LazyBoy with a fist full of nachos and I’m almost inspired […]

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How To Hypnotize A Chicken

How are your peeps coming along? The winner of our Puffy (and Poopless) Peeps Give Away is Mike! For the rest of you who received a box of real chicks in the mail, here’s a few more things you may want to ruminate on. Blondes (Leghorns) and redheads (Rhode Island Reds) are the usual backyard […]

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Concrete Evidence

Hubby and I added on to our house three times. It only took twenty years. And we still speak to each other. This is because we divided up the toolbox into two halves and respected each other’s territories. I am the guy in charge of “destruction” and he is the guy in charge of “putting […]

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