Daily Archives: July 22, 2016

The Wedding Epidemic

As is expected every spring, we’ve had an outbreak of impending weddings in the area. While we experienced a fresh strain of the pervasive bug from as far as Australia lately with no immediate reactions, this year’s version is wiping out entire communities. Concerned citizens are urged to use whatever means necessary to contain the […]

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The Pity Party

Genetically speaking, anxiety and depression and a significant handful of other fun mental issues have a real possibility of showing up in my life. I grew up watching people I loved suffer with hurts that were deep inside. Watching was the only thing I could do. It was on my list of “well, when I […]

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In the Hot Seat

When we moved, we had a “pivot”. Our old house closed escrow three weeks before our new house did, and we were officially homeless. Into the gap stepped my beloved mother-in-law. Her empty rambling house would fit us all, and would you believe it, she had booked a three week trip to New Zealand months […]

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