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Hey Hey We’re the Monkeys

Because we love yeasty warm smells in the kitchen and because I miss long days with nothing better to do and because my fam is being awesome about my new job, we did this: If you’re about to drool into your cellphone, I agree. Let’s start at the beginning and I’ll walk you through a […]

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Pass the Hasenpfeffer

The Easter Bunny stopped hopping by my house when I was about six. He may have noticed the pens of rabbits in the backyard and realized that we took our bunnies pretty seriously. If he noticed the butcher block hung on the big tree back there, he probably made tracks into the next county immediately, […]

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Macaroons and Mayhem

Happy Friday!! Just kidding. Today is the start of our kids’ spring break, which goes for one week and one day. Because they can. This means that while the rest of you are gearing up for sleeping in on the couch, the TV remote in one hand and a fridge in the other, us moms […]

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