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Well, Rats

Monday morning we woke up and discovered that we had been victims of a home invasion robbery. Foolishly, we had left the back door open to the night breezes and everyone knows that a flimsy screen door doesn’t stand in the way of a determined burglar. The door opens onto a balcony. Only scaling the […]

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Confession is good for the soul. Fairly rotten for the backside, if you’re being raised in a spanking-type house, but still, it feels good to get it off your chest so to speak. I haven’t seen the inside of my gym for a month and a half. I think it’s the longest I’ve ever gone […]

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Flowers come into their glory this month, adored by the bees, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds. The skies in which they soar turn azure, opal, and amethyst by turn. And in the alcove of our front doorway, a hummingbird nested. It was a marvelous little egg cup, woven of spider silk and fairy threads, a […]

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