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Canadian Capers

You. Guys. I just had the best adventure! I spent a week in gorgeous Ontario, Canada. I wandered through autumn-colored forests of pine and aspen and ash and maple, dripping ferns and lush moss. It’s beautiful countryside. Every road leads to water, over water, or around water. Look at a map of Canada. It’s got […]

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Bend In The Road

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” wrote the poet, Robert Frost. I recently accepted an invitation to speak at a women’s retreat in Ontario. Yep, Canada. It’s slated for the end of September when, I am informed, “there’s an eighty percent chance of beautiful fall colors and a zero percent chance of snow on […]

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Canadian Winter Wonderland, by Hannah

Winter in Canada you ask? Isn’t it winter all year, way up north past the solid line on a map? Well let me tell you a little bit about where I live. I live close to a town called Orillia, Ontario, Canada. It is a beautiful place in the country and we love it! Our property […]

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