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New Zealand Round 3

When I read a map, everything on it seems so accessible. Things are quite close to each other and the roads are nicely connected. When you see a map of New Zealand, it’s quite natural to assume that the two islands that comprise the country are practically connected. There’s only a tiny bit of blue […]

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New Zealand Round 2

Towering alps and exquisite waterfalls. Te Anau to the Fiordlands, Queenstown and  speedboating down the Shotover. Lake Tekapo, made of glacier run-off, milky and frigid and stunning. The south island of New Zealand is more raw than the north island. The sheep far outnumber the humans. It’s a place of stark contrasts and sudden mood swings. […]

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New Zealand Round 1

The way we choose a vacation destination is simple: Hubby insists it has a nice beach. I insist it’s a place we’ve never been before. He insists it has a reason to dress up for dinner. I insist it’s free of spiders the size of manhole covers, weird plumbing and weather. Not that we ever […]

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