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Maui, Hawaii

I suppose life is not all rainbows and butterflies, but sitting on Black Rock Beach, I can tell you: God was on to something when he invented them. In a year that has been nothing but constant upheaval, adaptation, and reinvention, Maui was a resting place that spoke all things healing to my heart. Maui […]

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Sunrise in Cancun

Buenos dias, señoritas y caballeros, Como se dice “Wow, what a weekend!”? I’m writing you today from the aeropuerto in Cancun, Mexico, although the resort we stayed in lies in Akumal in the Riviera Maya. Hubby has gone to buy a coffee and I’m sitting here surrounded by his luggage at the gate. I don’t […]

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Missouri in March

I had a moment – one sparkling sharp and pivotal – that made me stop, right there in the Walgreens parking lot, and just be. The afternoon air in Missouri is crisp in March. The morning snow had become reluctant flurries that melted on my cheek. It looked like someone was cleaning out a lint […]

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